Book Two of the Rhapsody Quartet

Lyra holds the key to her past in her hands— but she can’t decipher it.

It’s frustrating to be confused about your siren heritage. It’s worse to have the answers so tantalizingly close, yet outside of your grasp.

Luckily, Lyra knows Score can help… if Glenn lets him within 50 meters of her.

But their bickering becomes the least of her worries when the Council of Extraordinaries assign her a new home. Lyra has a choice: discover her origins, or lose her friends forever.

The journey is long and treacherous, leading through a dangerous land of magic, the Realm. But while she’s hunting for her past, someone is hunting her. And her unknown assailant has become more desperate.

Lyra just wants to survive and get answers, but she may not like what she discovers. And what she finds will change her life forever.

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Sonata by AM Hodgson